We are a small family run farm in Nampa, ID. Our mom/daughter team head up everything from ordering seeds and plants, to harvesting blooms and greenery. Our Dad/son-in-law team help with everything that requires tools or tractors. Out passion is working together.

Meet the


Heather is the mommy. She has grown things for over 30 years and is always up to the challenge of trying something new. She has raised 2 daughters, passing on her creativity and love of growing things. Things took a business turn when she grew too many heirloom tomatoes for her own garden, and started selling them to friends and neighbors.



Gary is the Heather's other half. He is the man with the tractor. And the one that Grandpa said "could get water to flow uphill". One of the miracles we need him to perform here on the farm.

Morgan is the oldest

daughter. And if you were wondering who signed this family up for endless hours of planting and countless Saturdays of putting in flower beds, it's her. Flowers is a passion of hers, right up there with sharing with people.

David is Morgan's

husband. And while he is also handy on his father-in- laws tractor, his true skill lies in figuring out a better way to do things- saving the girls a ton of time and labor. He reminds us why we are doing this.

David also can build anything. At least we think so. If you see any cool tables or trellis' he made them. Sorensonwoodworks.com

Evan is the awesome bro-in-law who designs our flyers and helps with design/marketing. To see the rest of his work visit sorencreative.com

Jen is the youngest sister. And she got the creativity in the fam.   To see what she does when she is not taking pictures at the farm. Visit-buckleyphotographyboise.com

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